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Redeemer Lutheran VPK, Elementary & Middle School Redeemer Lutheran VPK, Elementary & Middle School
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Our students are busy, and we know parents are too. We invite you to use our calendar to help you keep your household running smoothly. You can keep track of extracurricular events, school breaks, parent-teacher conferences, and more by bookmarking this page and checking back often. 

Campus Improvements and Reopening
Campus Improvements Infographic

We have made some campus improvements to start the 2020–2021 school year off right! This includes the purchase of hand sanitizer dispensers mounted in all classrooms as well as portable stations to encourage more washing, purchasing of infrared thermometers, Installing a needlepoint bipolar ionization system to improve the air quality and reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, and molds in the buildings, and last but not least the school now has an electrostatic sprayer and other equipment to disinfect all buildings. We are continuing to evaluate our campus and make necessary improvements to reduce possible exposure to not only the COVID-19 virus but also all viruses, bacteria, and molds. For more details on the reopening plan, please see our reopening flyer in its entirety

2020–2021 School Supply Lists

Please take a moment to view our school supply lists below to prepare for the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to a great 2020–2021 school year!

Redeemer Lutheran VPK, Elementary & Middle School