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Redeemer Lutheran VPK, Elementary & Middle School Redeemer Lutheran VPK, Elementary & Middle School
Students walking together outside

Our School

Located about seven minutes from downtown Pensacola and a mile from the front entrance of the Naval Air Station, Redeemer Lutheran School is both a patriotic and a God-centered school. We serve about 180 students in VPK through eighth grade.

A Meaningful Christian Education

At Redeemer Lutheran School, we strongly believe that nothing is more important in the life of a young child than a thorough and meaningful Christian education—an education that teaches the young person to be a better Christian in all responsibilities and relationships. Our weekly chapel services and daily prayer and devotion include the study of God’s word through Bible study and memory work.

Individualized Attention

A low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to work more closely with our students and provide them the individualized attention they deserve. Our language arts program includes reading, English spelling, writing, phonics, and the Accelerated Reading program. Our students have access to a dedicated school library where they can work on classwork and reports and simply enjoy the fun of reading. Religion is part of students’ grades, and we teach it in every class. Excellent scores on standardized achievement tests reflect our commitment to academic excellence.

Benefits of Redeemer

  • Students regularly attend art, music, and physical education classes
  • We are members of the Catholic Youth Sports League, and students may participate in basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and football.
  • All classrooms have computers, and our computer lab houses 25 computers.
  • Our uniform policy eliminates some of the hassles associated with dressing for school.
  • We host a number of family activities throughout the year.
  • We offer Extended School Care to accommodate parents who work before or after school hours.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and place our trust in Him. We accept the Bible as the divinely-inspired word of God and use its teachings as the foundation for leading a Christian life. We believe that all people are sinful and can be justified only by faith through God’s free gift of grace—not by any personal works of goodness.

Lutheranism takes its name from Martin Luther, the 16th century protestant reformer who called for major changes in the Christian church of his age. If you would like to learn more about Lutheran beliefs, we invite you to speak to our Pastor or attend the adult instruction class on Lutheran doctrine.